Conclusions and main outcomes of WP1 “Operational Framework for a digital driven renovation ID process”
The first Work Package (WP1) of the Horizon 2020 project BIM4Ren has recently been concluded. The main milestone achieved at this stage is the completion of the definition of the “Overall framework for a digital driven Integrated Design and Delivery...
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EBC Kick-off Press Release
The first press release was written by the partners of the consortium, led by EBC and finalized on the 10th of November 2018. It was issued after the project Kick-off Meeting in order to launch the project and start creating...
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BIM4Ren website is now live!
Hi and Welcome to BIM4Ren's website! We are very happy to have this tool up-and-running so that we may start sharing what our project is all about. Here you'll find all the basic information you need to start learning who...
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