Testing BIM4Ren tools in the dwelings of the Spanish pilot

Yesterday testing activities for the BIM4Ren tools in the dwelings of the Spanish pilot were carried out involving caia, plans2bim and Ar2build  with partners R2M, Tecnalia and Kursaal Rehabilitaciones.

Those directly involved in the Spanish pilot were very busy testing and customising the @zutec tool for follow up activities and incidences in  the renovation processes carried out by @kursaal.  Using the pilots sites in the project as a test space will evaluate the tools efficiency and its integration in the BIM4ren platform. Now, the test of plans2bim, developed by @wisebim, applied to the pilot in Irún. A really easy, quick and helpful way to transform drawings from PNG to IFC.
A new 3d model was of a dwelling in the building used as pilot was also created, this time using the App  ARtoBUILD. 
This activities mark an important step towards the final validation of the platform and tools, and it also acts as part of the validation of the elicitation of resident requirements via wide participatory actions.