BIM4ren Internal Training: BIMSolar

In a context where digital and remote exchanges are becoming increasingly important, the European BIM4Ren project develops a series of tools that will allow SMEs to exploit the potential of BIM for the renovation of existing buildings. Those tools are initially developed by partners for the project and then some training sessions are performed to foster the use of those tools.

On December 3rd, a training session was set up for the BIMsolar tool developed by project partner EnerBIM and which will be part of the easy-to-use tool set being developed and tested by BIM4Ren to help boost digitalisation in the construction sector.

This tool is an integrated software platform that provides easy visualisation of BIPV benefits at a building level. Its 3D modelling and instant simulations of solar power help predict the performance of BIPV and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) products, their overall impact on a building’s energy performance and comfort through BIM and BEM connections, and likely return on investment.

One of its most flexible features is that it allows to easily import a 3D model despite its origin: be it a SketchUp file, an IFC file or a Revit model, BIMSolar can handle it! Another impressive feature is that it provides access to a database of more than 40.000 PV modules as BIM objects that the user can choose from, select and directly place onto the 3D model. It will then automatically highlight the irradiance on the PV panels, generating PV energy to AC production, but also shading, mismatching, and wiring losses.

BIMSolar will be used on the French Pilot use case, building in which we will assess the technical and economic feasibility of the installation of PV panels on the roof. For this, we will compare it with the electricity consumption of the households calculated for different scenarios to assess the potential self-consumption.