There is no one-size-fits-all renovation process

BIM4REN is developing a set of easy-to-use tools & services in the same common Open Environment for an agile, adaptable and fast renovation process that can be used in real, everyday projects.
Today’s construction professionals, and in particular SMEs need suitable tools & flexible methods to facilitate their work & improve their production times, while ensuring environmental targets. By considering the skills and capacities of the users and the different phases of the renovation process, BIM4Ren can adapt to different projects, business models and professional needs.

What will our tools help with?


One of the main stakes of any renovation is to characterise the initial state of the building. Some tools will allow end-users to gather such details as geometry, state of degradation, energy consumption, thermal comfort or stakeholder requirements in a quick and efficient process that can provide an adapted description of the building and information for further decision-making.


Once data is collected, construction professionals need to easily sort, classify, synchronise and secure such large amounts of information. By using extended BIM capacities, like enhanced IFC and Linked Data, BIM4REN will allow the integration and handling of this information into one single environment so that the construction value chain can work collaboratively and with increased efficiency.


Another set of BIM4Ren tools will facilitate the design process by accessing assessments models such as energy consumption evaluation, cost analysis and decision support tools that help in the selection and validation of different renovation scenarios. Our tools will include both high-end and quick’n’easy solutions to cover a whole range of needs.

A tool for every step of your renovation project.
All in a One Stop Access Platform.

BIM4Ren is a fully web-oriented, decentralised platform.
Through a single entry point, the BIM4Ren One Stop Access Platform (OSAP), users will have access to innovative tools to guide them in the creation of a renovation project. We have grouped our tools in 5 different categories applicable to diverse renovation workflows scenarios.
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In line with the European Union’s Open Innovation 2 Paradigm, workflows are backboned by a novel, state of the art, open and decentralized environment. Our BIM-based tools are integrated into it and are easily accessible from a single entry point, granting access to all end users to the most adequate solutions to its renovation needs and goals.

01. Strategic Planning

PROLEPS is a webtool for the management of building stocks integrating support to decision making for strategies of buildings renovation
Building Benchmark and Best practices tool. Support tool that shows an indicative primary energy consumption of a real building based on pre-simulated reference models


A mobile app that tracks the user inside a building, allowing him to take pictures and attached them to a BIM model.

The Utility Bill Reader automatically parses energy bills to fasten and ease the collection of relevant consumption information used in an energy audit.

Automatic creation of a geometric modelling of the environment around a selected building

Online tool for automatic BIM generation from existing architectural 2D plans thanks to Artificial Intelligence

A tool that indexes existing heterogeneous documents to offer a search engine to quickly access annotated information.

The tool assesses the current state of the building systems by means of a fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) method.

Enrichment of the BIM structure with technical systems and network thanks to automatic recognition from 2D plans

NeuroQuestionnaire and intelligent decision support system on renovation acceptation

A mobile APP to collect information on site about the current state of the façade, asses the level of severity of damages, and enrich the IFC model with the results of the evaluation.


This service develops + integrates PV+T BIM objects + related models into the reference workflow for simulation, calculation and final HVAC set-up for the project. From early design (concept) to O&M.

Simulating the impact of occupant behaviour on energy consumption, for a specific household in a specific building defined by a BIM model
The tool provides a quick and cost-effective assessment of the potential to renovate the heating systems with a heat pump.
fast, accurate, sub-hourly thermal simulation to model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity – ported to a cloud backend for HPC
Building Sustainability Analysis for Environmental Certification, LCA and LCC
Building Simple Assessment through Energy +


LODlifter is a tool allowing users to replace existing elements from the initial BIM by new ones selected from product catalogues.
Tool to co-ordinate the flow of data in a specific renovation workflow
The catalogue editor is a tool allowing users to produce electronic catalogues of building products compliant with the ISO 23386
Checking whether actual energy performance is as designed and provide feedback to occupants and renovation designers


A BIM exchange process management platform, used by BIM managers to assist them in their project management tasks

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