Workshops Recordings

Tools and pilots' insights

The recording of the various workshops carried out during the project, and specially in in last period, seeds light and inform about the tools developed and implemented in the pilots. Have a look and learn more about all the results from the project.

Webinar #1: Meet BIM4Ren, Easy-to-use BIM tools for renovation

Webinar #2: BIM4Ren Tools: Insights on Data Acquisition, Enhancement & Simulation

Webinar #3 - BIM4Ren Tools: Creating a BIM model for existing building beyond geometry

Webinar #4 - BIM4Ren Tools: BIM bots added-value in Energy Renovation Projects

image depicting a big 5 for the 5th webinar

Webinar #5: Tools for Data Driven Renovation Design

Webinar #6: Pilot presentation & testimonials