Training session in Paris on the 14th of September

On the 14th of September, BIM4Ren partners organized a one day training session in Paris in CSTB premises. The goal was to introduce the topic of BIM and how it can improve the quality and the efficiency of renovation works of residential buildings.

Attendees had different background, some working directly on the topic of the management of the renovation of existing buildings in a social housing organization but with little knowledge about BIM and others already providing service for the digitalization of existing buildings and with strong capacities on the topic of BIM.

The agenda started with an introduction to the energy and environmental context by Antoine Dugué (coordinator of BIM4ren project, NOBATEK/INEF4). He stressed out the need for an increase of the energy renovation of buildings, highlighting the actions both at EU and at countries levels. Then the topic of BIM was introduced by Frédéric Suard (WiseBIM) starting with a very pedagogic approach and also integrating notions such as openBIM and exploring few BIM models. The BIM4ren renovation workflow was then introduced and a special focus on the initial phase of the digitalization of existing buildings was detailed by Bruno Fiès (CSTB). To conclude the morning session, Aude De Brebisson presented the POLYLOGIS Joinville buildings being under renovation that were considered as real case study.

The afternoon was dedicated to the demonstration and testing of tools developed in the frame of BIM4ren.

  • Plans2BIM, an Online tool for automatic BIM generation from existing architectural 2D plans thanks to Artificial Intelligence was presented by Frédéric Suard (WiseBIM) –
  • LOD Lifter, an online tool allowing users to replace existing elements from the initial BIM by new ones selected from product catalogues, was presented by Bruno Fiès (CSTB)
  • Renovation Manager, a web service, that helps defining and evaluating renovation scenarios at an early phase of a project, based on energy consumption, comfort and renovation budget, was demonstrated by Antoine Dugué (NOBATEK/INEF4)
  • BIMSolar, a free tool that considers PV+T BIM objects and related models into the reference workflow for simulation, calculation and final HVAC set-up for the project. From early design (concept) to O&M, was presented by Philippe Alamy (EnerBIM) –

The event was not recorded but all materials is now available in French on website. Same material is also available in Spanish, Italian and English.