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What is the BIM4Ren Stakeholders Community?

The BIM4Ren Stakeholders community is an important part of the BIM4REN project. As the interface of the BIM4Ren consortium with society, it facilitates the contact between the project partners and key policy actors, construction stakeholders, targeted associations, local governments, companies, communities or research programs.

This community will be nourished by liaison activities between BIM4REN partners and actors of a wide spectrum, to ensure that solid relationships are developed with a purpose (awareness, influence, knowledge transfer, training, exploitation potential, etc.).

An Evolving Sector

In an evolving sector,
there is no place for a rigid structure.

We face two challenges: digitalisation and environmental issues, both requiring all segments of the construction sector to be open to new techniques, new needs and new expectations. In this context, the BIM4REN partnership has decided to establish a community that is:


As readjustments might be required according to the development of the project and the evolution of the external parameters.


As the community circles may get larger or smaller depending on the progress or necessity of the actions.


As members of a community circle will not face barriers to join other circles and will be accompanied when deciding to so.

The 4 Circles

01 Consortium

BIM4REN gathers together 23 partners spread across 10 countries representing the whole residential renovation value chain. Learn more about them in the “Partners” section of our website

02 Early Adopters

Close to BIM4REN project partners due to their involvement in the pilots and living labs, the early adopters are public or private organizations involved in the renovation sector that could potentially use the developments of the BIM4REN project in their activity.

03 Stakeholders

More committed to the project activities than the followers but less than the early adopters. They are likely to attend to project workshops, engage directly in pilot activities and/or participate in training webinars and events.


Actors curious about the BIM4REN project but with a low level of commitment: they only receive information electronically, follow BIM4REN social media and attend public events or meetings on BIM4REN. This category covers all entities that requested information on BIM4REN tools and methods, without taking an active role in the action of the project.

Pilots as Living Labs

The BIM4REN projects puts as an objective to explore and implement in the framework of the project demonstration activities, pilot testing in real refurbishment operations organized as Living labs, following recommendations by the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) and the European Commission.

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