Sister projects

Know our sister projects

We are very proud of our sister projects!! A short description of each of them follows as we are sure there can be plenty of interesting information to draw from these project efforts.


BIM-based holistic tools for Energy-driven Renovation of existing Residences

BIMERR is a HORIZON 2020 funded project related to the Building Information Modelling (BIM)  that has developed an extensive toolset targeting stakeholders from the AEC field (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) and supporting them in the energy renovation of existing buildings, from concept to delivery. All tools are interoperable through semantic information search & retrieval by the core of the BIMERR ICT system, namely the BIMERR Interoperability Framework (BIF) which also enforces interoperability with third party ICT tools enabling seamless BIM creation and information exchange among the AEC community. All BIMERR tools have released advanced versions and will be validated and demonstrated over the next year in two buildings undergoing real renovation activities in Poland and Spain.


BIM based fast toolkit for Efficient rEnovation in Buildings

BIM4EEB aims to foster the renovation industry by developing an attractive and powerful BIM management system with BIM-based toolset able to support designers in the design and planning phase, construction companies to efficiently carry out the work and service companies to provide attractive solutions for building retrofitting. The BIM management system combined with the tools facilitates the decision making and the asset management for public and private owners due to the exploitation of augmented reality and the use of updated digital logbooks.


Harmonised Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation

The Horizon2020 project BIM-SPEED aims to address the fact that most of the existing building stock has reached the age for renovation by developing a combination of methodologies and tools with one central information source at its core: the Building Information Model (BIM), a digital representation of a building. Additionally, society is becoming more and more aware of the negative environmental impact of our living environments. This model will be the catalyst for a smarter, more efficient, method of deep renovation for the residential building sector.


ENergy aware BIM Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context

The main objective of ENCORE is to increase the share of renovated stock in Europe and worldwide by providing effective and affordable BIM tools that cover the whole renovation life-cycle (from data collection to project execution, and commissioning/delivery). The project tackles energy efficiency and comfort parameters, involving all the actors in the process (architecture studios, designers, constructors, tenants, or public administration), and facilitating information exchange among all the parties.


Service Platform to Host and SharE REsidential data

SPHERE is a 4-year Horizon 2020 project involving 20 partners from 10 European countries, aiming to provide a BIM-based Digital Twin Platform to improve and optimise the building lifecycle, reducing construction costs and their environmental impact while increasing overall energy performance. SPHERE will help boosts a building’s energy performance throughout its lifecycle and reduce time, costs & the environmental impact of the construction process.


Digital platform for construction in Europe

DigiPLACE is a framework helping the development of future digital platforms as common ecosystems of digital services that support innovation, commerce, and digitalization. The DigiPLACE project outcome is also a strategic roadmap that aims at the successful implementation of the RAF. This document sets the scope and targets of future activities to be undertaken in the 2021-2027 period. This aims at making the upscaling of construction digital platforms and services a reality by the end of this decade, together with the ambition of linking EU, national, regional levels.