BIM-Based Tools for Fast & Efficient Renovation

BIM4REN is a H2020 funded project involving 23 partners spread across 10 countries for a 4 year long series of developments on the topic of the exploitation of BIM potential for the energy renovation of existing buildings for the whole construction value chain.

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The fact that digital transformation is taking place at a slow pace in the European construction industry means a huge gap between theoretical digital opportunities and the realities of on-site construction.

For this reason, our project will define digital ready renovation workflows adapted to the construction sector needs and elaborate an open, decentralized BIM environment as strong innovative basis for the core developments.

Methodologies, processes and hard technologies will be developed for data collectiondata management and data driven design.

Finally a One Stop Access Platform will integrate all technologies as a single entry point to all end users. Impact will be ensured through standardization activities, training of hand-crafters and SMEs and demonstration on pilots used as living labs.


4 Strong Innovation Levels


Digital Driven Workflows

Development of BIM based workflows dedicated to the renovation of residential buildings adapted to the complexity of targets of construction sector and put into a systematic and integrated workflows (IDDS).


BIM4Ren Tools & Digital Environment

Workflows are backboned by a novel, state of the art, open and decentralized environment, and BIM solutions on data collection, data management and data driven design are integrated into it.

One Stop Access Platform

All the services are integrated altogether, accessible from a single entry point (central to the OI2 paradigm) granting access to all end users offering the most adequate solutions to its needs and objectives.

Pilots as Living Labs

Project pilots are used as a user-centred, open-innovation ecosystem with co-creation, exploration, experimentation and evaluation of the deployed tools.

At BIM4Ren we know that more energy-efficient buildings require innovative and adapted methods and tools for construction professionals, especially SMEs, and efficient, collaborative processes throughout the construction value chain.

Data Collection

Collection of heterogenous information about existing buildings into digitalized data.

Data Management

To create a BIM model and then organise, consolidate and secure the data.

Data-Driven Design

Analysis of technical and economic potential. Generation of renovation scenarios.

To Build
A digital ready renovation workflow based on stakeholders elicitations. A novel, state of the art, open, decentralized environment.
To Offer Tools
That are articulated around Data Collection, Data Management and Data-Driven Design. That make the most of the potential of BIM. That are adapted to the size, capacity and ambition of the project.
To Demonstrate & Impact
Through pilots as living labs for user-centred, open innovation ecosystems. By contributing to standardization bodies as BuildingSmart. Helping train a new generation of workers to the use of BIM tools.
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The construction sector and specially SME contractors all around Europe can be key actors of both the green and digital revolution, by considering them alongside building residents, as a fundamental part of the new open innovation trends underpinning co-design and co-creation of the built environment.

BIM is the cornerstone. By putting in the hands of every kind of construction actor the adequate BIM based digital tools to improve their efficiency, they can address the most important challenge of the climate change fight: the refurbishment of the existing building.

On the basis of easy access, quick and straightforward operation, affordability and fast ROI with adapted business models, BIM4REN will be able to deliver an independent and collaborative service platform for all stakeholders to efficiently communicate and to optimize the management tasks and quality checks, during the supply or preparation phase, during the execution phase and further commissioning and operation.

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