The Project’s Presentation Video Animation

Short explainer videos that combine visuals, audio, and texts are a tool for illustrating hi-tech concepts. If done right, motion graphic videos can engage an audience with the storyteller by allowing the viewing and hearing senses to grasp notions with better understanding. Adding an interpretive voiceover to match the images is highly recommended for transmitting messages in this concise format; its duration is usually no longer than a couple of minutes.

Although it takes a brief moment to watch, the time of creation is of no match. Like the tools being developed by BIM4Ren, even if the aim is to offer an easy-to-use platform, the process behind it might not be as simple and requires professional practices. Similar with bearing a video production: as it unites skills from different fields of expertise; producers, directors, writers, sketch artists, graphic designers, animators, narrators, editors, and many others that have refined the practice of shaping abstract ideas.

Our project partners embraced this task. COMET, NOBATEK, and EBC have just wrapped up an animated video to highlight the solutions our #H2020 project can bring to improve energy efficiency in buildings, as they’re currently responsible for 40% of CO2  emissions in Europe.

Be kind, we did our best. If you have an extra bit of time, we greatly appreciate sharing this video with your peers and letting us know what you think.