FINAL BIM4REN EVENT Making the Renovation Wave a reality: Easy-to-use digital tools for construction SMEs

The final event of the BIM4Ren will aim to raise awareness on existing easy-to-use digital tools for the construction sector and on the skills needed by construction SMEs to effectively implement the Renovation Wave and the EU green deal objectives, with a specific focus on the solutions developed by the Horizon 2020 project.

The event is mainly targeting built environment stakeholders, representatives of the construction value chain in Brussels, as well as EU policymakers and construction entrepreneurs. It aims to inform actors interested in learning more about digital innovations bringing an added value to the renovation of buildings market. Digital construction is already in use for new construction, but only increasingly used and applied for energy renovation projects, which are a crucial market for construction SMEs, which represent 99% of the European construction sector. 

The event also aims at showcasing innovation in construction to improve its general image in the European civil society and to attract the young generations, while contributing to the debates on a sustainable built environment.

In an hour-and-a-half-long close debate industry professionals and institution representatives will debate on the topics providing both national and European perspectives.

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The full agenda is available here