BIM4Ren white paper is out

The BIM4Ren project is finishing in September 2022, and it is time to deliver some legacy about the last 4 years.

A whitepaper was elaborated by the consortium during the last months to collect and present the vision of the consortium on the potential of BIM for energy-efficient renovation. In this document, we first present the overall context: the need to improve the renovation of the building stock in Europe, the challenges in BIM adoption, and the potential of using BIM in renovation project.

In a second phase, the methodologies and tools developed in the project are explained, following the three phases covered by the project i. data collection (buildings digitalization); ii. data management (model enrichment); iii. data-driven design (comparison and selection of renovation scenarios based on a BIM model).

Finally, the experiments run on the projects’ pilot sites are detailed, with a list of feedbacks, mistakes to avoid, alert points… and main benefits!

It is available for downloading on printing version and interactive version. Go have a look!