Workshop announcement – European projects dealing with Linked Data and ontologies for BIM and Building Digital Twins at LDAC – CIB W78

Good news for the W3C LBD Community Group: in little more than a week, the joint LDAC and CIB W78 conferenceweek will start in Luxembourg ( On Thursday 14th of October at 11h-15h CEST, Pierre Bourreau (Nobatek) and Mathias Bonduel (Neanex) will moderate, with support of the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) and the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform(ECTP), the workshop titled “Linking EU H2020 projects on digitization in the construction and maintenance industry: Linked Data and ontologies for BIM and Building Digital Twins”.

During the first part of the hybrid workshop, no less than five finalizing H2020 projects will present their technical contributions in the domain, i.e. BIMERR, BIM4REN, BIM-SPEED, BIM4EEB and SPHERE. For the second part of the workshop, other (often more recently started) projects will join the floor for a roundtable discussion, including BIMProve, BIM2TWIN, COGITO, Encore (TBC) and ASHVIN (TBC).

Online workshop: in at least five finalizing European H2020 research projects focusing on digitization in the building industry, Linked Data technologies are actively applied to tackle well-known interoperability challenges in the sector. Naturally, this resulted in the creation of a series of technical deliverables (ontologies, data modelling patterns constraints, processes, tools, etc.) with both similarities and differences between the different ongoing projects. During the workshop, each of the five projects will share their technical insights on the subject through short technical presentations. The audience might expect to get a view on the reasons for applying Linked Data, the progress made during the project and the lessons learned. At the end of the presentations a roundtable discussion will be held between the different projects to discuss how the Linked Data related outcomes of the different projects can support each other and persist through the BDTA after the independent projects have ended.

Despite the workshop being organized as a full hybrid event, anyone interested in following the workshop should be registered for the joint LDAC and CIB W78 conference as well.

Hope to see you in large numbers at LDAC – CIB W78!