Tools for Data Driven Renovation Design

In this recording from the 5th webinar the 3BTool  presented by Natalia Lasarte from TECNALIA followed by Antoine Dugue from NOBATEK talks about the Renovation Manager and Giulia Barbano from IES that presents the Scenario Comparison tool. Philippe Alamy from ENERBIM shows us the possibilities of BIMSolar. Then the B-BEST tool is showcased by Rembrandt Koppelaar from EKODENGE. After that Bruno Bampi from FISE talks about HeatPuRe, followed by Olav Vijlbrief from TNO that presents the Feedback tool. Then REACT is presented by Artūras Kaklauskas from VGTU and finally Mathieu Schumann working for EDF let us know about SMACH. Some interesting questions are answered after each presentation block.