Living Labs Kick-off (III): Tech Set-up at the French Pilot Site

On the 23rd of July, the BIM4Ren project French partners (Nobatek/INEF, CSTB, EDF, EnerBIM, WiseBIM) all met in Rueil Malmaison, located in the west suburbs of Paris. The objective was to visit the two pilot buildings managed by project partner Logirep in order to begin their set-up as living labs : an innovation ecosystem for co-creation, exploration and experimentation of the tools before its final deployment and evaluation. This approach is central to the BIM4REN Open Innovation 2.0 (OI2) strategy.

LOGIREP is a french Social Housing Organization that manages more than 38000 dwellings and renovates 1000 per year. For the project, it was the opportunity to assess the baseline and help understand how such a renovation project is carried out, how they set their objectives and how they manage their information.

We took advantage of the visit to test 3 different onsite scanning devices:

Although it’s was not possible to use the three technologies on the whole building, we had the opportunity to collect data with all three. The data collected will allow us to build a BIM model to assess their accuracy and compare overall the tools and methods.


Additionally, an energy audit has been carried out by Nobatek/INEF4 and the results already processed and sent to LOGIREP. LOGIREP also explained their internal processes and potential interest in some of the technologies being used by the project. This information will be very useful to define a full use case which integrates some of BIM4Ren’s technologies.

This article is part of a series regarding the kick-off activities at our Living Labs. You can read the other articles about the Italian and Spanish workshop and it’s conclusions here and here.