How Do You Use BIM in Renovation Processes?

Whether you already use BIM in your business or not: your opinion is very valuable to our project.

If you are an architect, project manager, contractor, manufacturer, owner or manager of buildings. If you think that digitalisation can help improve the efficiency of the renovation sector. Or if you have reasons to think that there is no room for improvement at present. BIM4REN aims to allow every kind of construction actor to easily use the adequate BIM based digital tools to overcome current barriers in culture, knowledge, tradition, affordability and opportunity that hinder the access to the digital revolution.

As part of the initial stages of the BIM4REN Project, we wish to better understand the role of the main agents and stakeholders involved in renovation works. Taking into consideration those different roles, the aim of this stage is on one hand, to try to detect and capture the knowledge of a wide variety of stakeholders and on the other hand, to identify and describe a set of different renovation scenarios to provide useful inputs for the upcoming activities and WPs. This information will be very valuable to later guide how the BIM4REN platform will be structured and designed.

To that end, we need you!

We would like to collect the testimony of BIM experts and professionals in renovation works in order to list the needs and locks encountered. Help us by filling a 15-minutes survey by following this link. (available in English, French, Spanish and Italian).

To make this more fun, prizes (books on BIM, free test of BIM tools, etc.) are at stake! And don’t forget to join the BIM4REN Community!

This survey will remain open until 23:55 on Sunday, January 17, 2019.