During the past weeks you had the chance to discover the BIM4REN Stakeholder Community, whose main goal is to foster interactions between all the project partners and you. If not, make up the missed episodes and discover what it means to be a follower or a stakeholder.

This week, we are going to present the last and more engaging way to be part of our amazing community: being an Early Adopter

BIM4Ren developed three different ways to interact with our Community, depending on the level of engagement you desire. The last one is perfect if you are willing to have a primary role and to be actively involved in the process of experimentation and testing of BIM4Ren tools and methods.

What does it mean to be a BIM4Ren Early Adopter?

This option is perfect if you are interested in using the developments of the BIM4Ren project in your own activity.  By joining us as a BIM4Ren Early Adopter, in addition to the Followers’ and Stakeholders’ packs, you will have the chance to: 

  • Be involved in beta testing activities of BIM4Ren tools and methods
  • Be invited to training sessions on the BIM4Ren tools and methods
  • Have privileged access to all pilots and living labs activities organised in France, Italy, and Spain, to test first-hand the BIM4Ren tools and benefit from an early adoption

In a nutshell, if you would like to be an active player, then you should definitely go for this option!

Join the B4R Stakeholders Community!